The GDS17 is a study group on the impact of economic policies established in Rome on December 2017 by some academics of Roma Tre and Sapienza.

The group is intended as a place for discussions and debate, involving professors, researchers, PhD students and experts in an informal and participative way.

The aim is to gather ideas and proposals and propose together a planning of initiatives (including researches, debates, projects.) to be promoted during the year.

For the period 2019-2022, the GDS17 is supported by  Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project

For information: gds17roma@gmail.com

The Seventh GDS17 Meeting was scheduled on February 4th 2019. Here is the programme:

14:30-14:45 Opening address

14:45-15:15 Paper: Access to Finance and the Exchange Rate Sensitivity of Exports (A. Pozzolo, University of  Molise, and F. Nucci , Sapienza University of Rome)

15:15:16:00 Research project: FDI spillovers from FDI: Evidence from Italy (M. Imbruno, Sapienza University of Rome)

16:00-16:30 Break

16:30-17:15 PhD Presentation: The impact of Syrian crisis on the quality of education in Jordan: A quantitative and qualitative assessment (A. o Bataineh, Sapienza University of Rome)

17:15-17:30 Concluding remarks