The future of international trade: a focus on EU and trade policy

Rome, June 17-18, 2021

The next meeting of the ITSG – Italian Trade Study Group will be organised by Rossi-Doria Centre within the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Understanding European Economic Policy: Towards a Deeper Union”, Sapienza University of Rome, and Manlio Masi Foundation – the Italian Trade Study Group.

Following up the White paper on the Future of Europe (2017), the EU presented a reflection paper on “harnessing globalization” to launch a debate on how the EU and its Member States can shape globalization in a way that anticipates the future and improves the lives of Europeans and can respond to its opportunities and challenges. Since the publication of this reflection paper, new challenges emerged, such as new trade wars; the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic; Brexit, etc. The meeting will be the occasion to gather national and international experts to discuss these topics and contribute to the debate launched by the European Commission on the evolution of the future EU trade policy and its priorities.

Submissions are invited on all topics in international trade. Topics of special interest include:

  • Trade, factor (and firm) mobility after COVID
  • Trade clashes: multilateralism and “deep” regionalism
  • The effects of Brexit on the EU Trade policy
  • Trade, non-tariff measures, and Sustainable Development
  • De-Globalization vs. Slowbalization


Complete papers (or advanced drafts) including 4/5 key messages/headlines should be submitted to the Secretariat Fondazione Masi – – by April 30, 2021. The acceptance of the papers will be notified no later than May 17, 2019.


The keynote lecture of the Workshop will be delivered by Joseph Francois (World Trade Institute).

The Scientific Committee of this meeting includes: Italo Colantone (Università Bocconi); Rama Dasi Mariani (Sapienza Università di Roma); Giuseppe De Arcangelis (Sapienza Università di Roma); Davide Del Prete (Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope); Giorgia Giovannetti (Università di Firenze); Michele Imbruno (Sapienza University of Rome); Enrico Marvasi (Università di Firenze); Pierluigi Montalbano (Sapienza University of Rome); Eleonora Pierucci (Università Roma Tre); Beniamino Quintieri (Università Tor Vergata); Luca Salvatici (Università Roma Tre); Lucia Tajoli (Politecnico di Milano).

We hope that the meeting will take place physically at Sapienza University of Roma. However, due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation and possible travel restrictions, the meeting may become a hybrid or a completely virtual meeting. Logistic information about the meeting will be posted in due time on the following websites: and .