(Catanzaro, December 9, 1956 – Cosenza, July 15, 2015)

CALL (English)

BANDO (Italiano)

The following institutions:
• AIEAA – Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics
• Manlio Rossi-Doria Centre for Economic and Social Research (Roma Tre University)
• Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (University of California at Davis)
• Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance “Giovanni Anania” (University of Calabria)
hereby establish a scholarship in memory of Giovanni Anania.

The scholarship shall be awarded to a student enrolled in the first or second year of an Italian doctoral program (the 2017 edition is for students enrolled in the 31th and 32nd doctoral cycles) with a research project in one of the following fields:
• international trade,
• international negotiations and agreements on market liberalization,
• sectoral and trade policies in the agri-food sector.

The scholarship is in the amount of €5,000.00 and shall serve to help cover the expenses of a stay of a minimum of four months, tuition-free, at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of the University of California at Davis (United States), with the right to attend educational activities and seminars organized by the Department. The time spent at UC Davis is a minimum of 4 months, preferably in the Fall term 2017-2018 and, in any case, not after Spring 2018. Thanks to the International Agricultural Trade Consortium (IATRC), the winner can also attend the IATRC’s Annual December Meeting free of charge.
The selection shall be made by a committee of 3 members designated by the institutions that have sponsored the scholarship.
The applications will be evaluated on the basis of a research project whose academic objectives and methodologies must be clearly specified. The description of the project, written in English, must not be longer than 15,000 characters. In case of research projects receiving equal evaluations, preference shall go to candidates born in the region of Calabria.

The deadline for the 2017 Call for Applications is April 30th. By this date, applications must have been transmitted to accompanied by:
• research project description
• copy of an identity document
• certificate of registration at the doctoral cycle
• letter of recommendation from the doctoral program supervisor or coordinator.

The results of the evaluation procedure will be communicated to candidates by May 15th 2017.
The winner shall commit to carrying out the program described in the Call – whose details will be agreed with the participating institutions – under penalty of revocation of the award and of the
related benefits. At the end of the period, the beneficiary will write a summary (in English) of the activities done. Publications resulting from research activities carried on, entirely or partially, at
University of California should acknowledge the grant received.