With a team of economists and of physicists led by Massimo Florio and Stefano Forte, the Rossi-Doria Centre will participate in a research aiming at evaluating social costs and benefits of the next project of CERN: the “Future Circular Collider“.

In particular, the Rossi-Doria Centre, with the project “An Approach Application of Global value Chains to High-Tech Suppliers of CERN“, will estimate the socio-economic impact of CERN on businesses in the supply chain and other organizations.

The financing of basic research infrastructure has become a critical issue in recent years. It remains, however, the problem of having to justify in terms of the socio-economic impact a substantial investment of resources in basic research (see Florio, M., Forte, S., & Sirtori, E., 2016, the Social Forecasting Impact of the Large Hadron Collider: A Cost-Benefit Analysis to 2025 and Beyond. Technological Forecasting & Social Change).