We are saddened to share with you all that yesterday, May 5th 2022, our dearest friend Marcello Gorgoni passed away at the age of 78, after a strenuous battle against a trying disease.

Marcello attended the Centre founded by Manlio Rossi-Doria in Portici (Naples), under the guide of Rossi-Doria himself. Subsequently, Marcello was among the founders of the Rossi-Doria Association, and later on a member of the Rossi-Doria Centre at Roma Tre University.

Marcello’s research interests and written work revolved around topics of agriculture, economic development, poverty, food security, and urban-rural interactions, all rooted within a profound international perspective.

His academic commitment first brought him to the University of Calabria, then to the Federico II University of Naples, and finally to Sapienza University of Rome. To so many among us, his work has been, and will continue to be of undeniable inspiration for intellectual reflection and research.

We wish to express our most profound affection and deepest condolences to Marcello’s wife, Maria Rosaria Stabili, to his daugthers, Sara and Barbara, and to all of his dearest friends.