FIRST_PILLARConsiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria (Council for Agricultural Reseach and Economics) (CRA-INEA), Roma, Italy: Roberto Henke (project leader), Maria Rosaria Pupo D’Andrea (scientific editor), Theodoros Benos (consultant), Tatiana Castellotti, Fabio Pierangeli, Simona Romeo Lironcurti.
Università Roma Tre, Roma, Italy: Fabrizio De Filippis, Mara Giua, Laura Rosatelli.
Bundesanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft (Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, AWI) Vienna, Austria: Thomas Resl, Karin Heinschink.

Implementation of the First Pillar of the CAP 2014–2020 in the EU Member States, July 2015
This document was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

The 2014-2020 reform introduced many relevant changes in the tool box of the CAP. Within Pillar I, one of the most relevant issues has been that of direct payments, which became more targeted at specific goals than they have been in the past. Another key issue is the role of Member States in tailoring the new CAP according to the needs of their primary sector. Consequently, what we face today in the EU28 is a multifaceted form of agricultural support under a common EU framework.

Publication type: Study
Policy area: Agriculture and Rural Development
Keywords: single payment scheme, sustainable agriculture, EU financing arrangements, distribution of aid, farmers’ income, aid to agriculture, EU Member State, aid per hectarere, form of the CAP, rural development, national agricultural policy, financial perspectives