The Rossi-Doria Centre for Economic and Social Research has been awarded ““Trade and Climate change: an energy-economic modelling approach” Project

The research project “Trade and climate change: an energy-economic modelling approach” aims at building an original dynamic model based on CGE approach in order to design and assess the main economic and environmental impacts associated to trade and climate policies that will involve the European Union in the short and medium term. Research activities are organised in two phases. The first one consists in the design of a model in the form of a dynamic recursive CGE model and in calibration of the baseline. The second phase concerns the evaluation of impacts at the multi-sector and multi-region scale of specific case studies based on international negotiations that are already or are going to involve the EU.
Specific objectives:
– To create a new dynamic recursive model based on RunDynam with energy and climate issues for policy evaluation exercises;
– To assess the impact of climatic damage on economic performance and trade relations at the EU and global level;
– To evaluate the impact of mitigation policies on economic dimensions at the EU and global level, including the role of endogenous technical change in clean energy technologies;
– To analyse the impact of mitigation and trade policies on emission and trade flows in a global value chain perspective;
– To provide assistance to the European Commission in policy mix design for the challenging targets of the Green New Deal for Europe.
The project has a nine-month grant financed the European Commission, DG TRADE, and research activities are developed by a joint team including researchers from University of Roma Tre, University of Urbino and INGENIO, a joint research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).
CRES team members: Valeria Costantini (Roma Tre University and CRES); Ilaria Fusacchia (Roma Tre University and CRES); Luca Salvatici (Roma Tre University and CRES).