Starting from 2024, the Manlio Rossi-Doria Centre, jointly with the Italian Centre for International Development (ICID), organizes the

International School for advanced training:
“Impact Evaluation of Development Policies: Concepts, Methods, Applications”

The school is taught in English and is exclusively on-line.

OBJECTIVE: The School is designed to serve the needs of government and non-governmental organization officials, private professionals and practitioners, researchers and doctoral students with an interest in development and public policy evaluation. The objective is to provide participants with the skills and competencies for impact evaluations of development policies and programs.

APPROACH: The school focuses on the pillars:

CONCEPTS: identification of the policy framework (e.g. policy maker’s objectives, program beneficiaries, contextual factors).

METHODS: identification of the key instruments for assessing the policy’s impact. How to select the most suitable tool in light of the specific context and how to apply it.

APPLICATIONS: the practice of the policy’s impact evaluation. How to carry out the evaluation exercise using statistical packages.

The morning sessions will provide an introduction to the topics, with practical applications to specific case studies in the field. The afternoon sessions will be devoted to technical hands-on sessions. The course includes three days dedicated to students’ assignments, to carry out individually under supervision and tutorship.

DURATION: two weeks, usually in the months of June-July.

The International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD) is a partner of the school and offers opportunities for internships.

The 6th Edition of the International School for advanced training Impact Evaluation of Development Policies (IEDP): Concepts, Methods, Applications will be held on-line from 17th to 28th June 2024

The Call for Applications is available here.

Download the final agenda here.

Interested students and practitioners are encouraged to apply through this application form.

Deadline for application:  15th May 2024

For further information: iedp.school@uniroma3.it

See the agenda of the previous editions of the school on ICID website.