Now available online the contributions that livened up the sessions of the Sixth Workshop on Global Value Chains – “European Trade Policy and Global Value Chains” International Workshop, organised within the activities of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Understanding European Economic Policy: Towards a Deeper Union” (Rome, June 10th 2022).



WELCOME ADDRESS BY ELEONORA PIERUCCI (Roma Tre University. Academic Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Understanding European Economic Policy: Towards a Deeper Union”).


SESSION 1 – Chair: ANNA GIUNTA (Roma Tre University, Rossi-Doria Centre)

01_Piccardi Tajoli Vitali__Paper presentation by Lucia Tajoli

01_Piccardi Tajoli Vitali_Discussion by Enrico Marvasi

02_Mancini Montalbano Nenci Vurchio__Paper presentation by Silvia Nenci

02_Mancini Montalbano Nenci Vurchio_Discussion by Ilaria Fusacchia

03_Jaax Miroudot van Lieshout__Paper presentation by Alexander Jaax

03_Jaax Miroudot van Lieshout_Discussion by Giorgia Giovannetti

04_Di Stefano Giovannetti Mancini Marvasi Vannelli__Paper presentation by Enrico Marvasi

04_Di Stefano Giovannetti Mancini Marvasi Vannelli_Discussion by Cristina Pensa


KEYNOTE LECTURE by LIONEL FONTAGNÉ (Direction de l’Economie et de la Coopération Internationales, Banque de France; Paris School of Economics – Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Chair: PIERLUIGI MONTALBANO (Sapienza University of Rome)

KEYNOTE LECTURE_LIONEL FONTAGNé_EU in Search of a WTO-Compatible Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism_Cecilia Bellora & Lionel Fontagné


SESSION 2 – Chair: BENIAMINO QUINTIERI (Manlio Masi Foundation, Tor Vergata University of Rome)

01_Jona-Lasinio Meliciani Sopranzetti__Paper presentation by Cecilia Jona-Lasinio

01_Jona-Lasinio Meliciani Sopranzetti_Discussion by Enrica Di Stefano

02_Colozza Pietrobelli__Paper presentation by Federico Colozza

02_Colozza Pietrobelli_Discussion by Antonio Vezzani

03_Cainelli Ganau Giunta__Paper presentation by Roberto Ganau


SESSION 3 – Chair: DOMENICO SCALERA (University of Sannio)

01_Fusacchia Salvatici__Paper presentation by Ilaria Fusacchia

01_Fusacchia Salvatici_Discussion by Alessandro Borin

02_Raimondi Piriu Swinnen Olper__Paper presentation by Alessandro Olper

02_Raimondi Piriu Swinnen Olper_Discussion by Lelio Iapadre

03_Bergantino Spiru__Paper presentation by Ada Spiru

03_Bergantino Spiru_Discussion by Maria Pina Cipollina